About Bill Rogers

My life-long admiration of design started with my artist/filmmaker dad, LEGO, and my best friend’s architecturally significant house. Good design has always been something that I noticed and admired, and today, I strive for hitting that mark in my work.

I was born and raised in Dallas, then moved to Austin and Phoenix for school. I lived in Houston long enough to shop for a cowboy hat, then moved it all to Colorado where I survived an aerial photography stint and a position as a proposal writer for a major Denver architect. Opportunity knocked, sending me back to Dallas in 1997. Within a few months, creating colorways for a sportswear consultant evolved into becoming the de facto in-house ad agency/art director for a luxury Italian menswear startup.

The company’s operations moved from Dallas to New York in 2000, but 9/11 shut it down (now reborn as Billy Reid). From there I started a freelance business, Pixelthink Creative, designing logos, collateral, email marketing, websites, and environmental graphics for clients in the DFW metroplex.

In 2019, a search for full-time employment resulted in a senior graphic designer position at a Fortune 8 pharmaceutical supplier, AmerisourceBergen. There, I got to sharpen my InDesign and PowerPoint skills while collaborating with a brilliant team of marketers and copywriters.

Today, my spare time is occupied by a few freelance projects including my first public art project, various artistic pursuits (photography, digital illustration, mixed media art), an overly energetic adopted lab mix, and my amazing teenage daughter.

One of the most important things learned in my professional life is that it’s easy to identify problems and a lot harder to solve them. I strive to be part of the solution. Accordingly, the aspect of design that I find most gratifying is problem-solving: a client coming to me with a need and resolving it.

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